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Ajara resorts will be promoted on international TV channels


Ajara resorts will be promoted on international TV channels

The Department of Tourism and Resorts of Ajara launches ads about the republic on such channels as Euronews, My planet and Discovery.

The video about the attractiveness of the area for tourists is aimed first of all at the audience from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia and Ukraine. Thus, the republic's authorities are trying to increase the number of tourists during the cold period. The advertising reveals the opportunities for interesting and varied trips at any time of the year.

According to social research, Ajara attracts foreigners primarily by its nature, culture and national cuisine. The advertising will focus on these very aspects.

During the off-season time tourists (citizens of Iran and Turkey mostly) usually go to the republic in order to play at the casinos.

It should be noted that such efforts of the Georgian authorities on the promotion of its resorts abroad increase the investment attractiveness of the region for the gambling business, because the more tourists visit the republic, the more potential visitors gambling venues may get.

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